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With a new and engaging website, Bodytunewithdebjit is now able to offer fitness packages to clients seamlessly. Moreover, they are now a popular brand in the fitness industry.

Debjit Das is a renowned personal fitness and yoga trainer in Kolkata. From cardiovascular and endurance training, yoga class to weight and fat loss, he offers complete guidance to people interested in staying fit and healthy throughout the year. He is also available as a personal trainer and offers online training at the same time. After AVMS Digital created the Bodutunewithdebjit website, it increased a lot of customers because offering fitness packages online made it easy for people to book them and join training sessions seamlessly.

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I am getting more clients after AVMS Digital developed my website and took over the branding of my business

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"AVM Station is one of the most professional and quality team we have worked ever. Their quality of video editing and pictures editing are great. One of the top-notch in the market. They are super responsive, professional and caring with each delivery work. We are really happy with their services."

- Sam Nath

Founder at Jioarts Photography

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