5 Ways to Improve Profits with Google Ads

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

The marketing world has transformed with leaps and bounds in these last few years. It’s no longer as simple as just finding a high search volume yet relatively unused keyword on Google Ads and trying to rank it. Trust us, everybody has caught up to the tactic. So can Google Ads no longer be the driving force behind your online business? Well, any advertising campaign service in Newburgh, Toronto or London, would beg to differ and here’s why.

Why Do Google Ads Still Work?

The one thing that we can never allow ourselves to forget is that Google accounts for the lion share of the search engine market with almost 87% share worldwide. This reach alone makes Google Ads an indispensable component for any marketing campaign almost guaranteeing you results- if used effectively. But as is often the case with Google, it doesn’t end there.

1. Long list of Options

Google Ads gives its users a list of campaign options to choose from when creating an advertising campaign. This includes

  • Search Network Campaign

  • Display Network Campaign

  • Shopping Campaign

  • Video Campaign

  • App Campaign

Each of these campaigns comes equipped with a curated set of tools that allows individuals or businesses to structure a campaign according to their objectives.

2. Flexibility

The flexibility of Google Ads in allowing users to customize an advertising campaign makes them a perfect fit for every type of organization, irrespective of their size or industry. Add to that its compatibility with other marketing software and you start to see why it’s the preferred choice for any online marketing expert.

3. Great ROI

The thing with Google Ads is that it’s not a “do it and forget about it” kind of platform. Ask any advertising campaign company in Newburgh and you’ll get the same answer- it takes time for Google Ads to show you any results. But once you remain patient during those initial few weeks, you’re almost guaranteed great returns.

Because of its huge customer base, the search engine is almost an assured source of traffic for your business. The sophisticated algorithm of the search giant ensures its users are watching the most relevant ads. So as long as you know what to show, rest assured Google will be showing it.

Lastly, Google also minimizes the chances of your advertising budget spiralling out of control. Since you’ll be only paying for ads when someone clicks on them, there’s less chance of wasteful spending.

How can Google Ads Boost Profits?

The ultimate objective of an online marketing strategy is to maximise the profitability of an advertising campaign and drive business growth. However, to achieve that, the first thing you need is an optimized campaign, to help you with conversions and revenue.

Let’s go step by step and try to see what a well-executed campaign need

1. Objectives

First things first. A strong advertising campaign starts with clearly defined campaign objectives. If you want the campaign to yield expected results, you need to strategise what you wish to highlight in the campaign. This might be releasing a new product or just simply attracting footfalls to your site. Whatever it may be, the objective of the campaign is going to give you clarity and help decide which campaign type to choose.

2. Picking the Right Keyword

This is one of the most important steps in the entire process that can either make or break your advertising campaign.

The way Google works is that, when a user enters a search term, it evaluates the term and displays ads to the user which are relevant to their search. Therefore, it’s very important to pay careful attention to the keywords you’re selecting and ensure their relevance.

Since we’re already on the topic of keywords, it’s the right time for us to discuss the four key types of keyword matches.