Amazon’s Journey: from an Online Bookstore to one of the Biggest Companies on Earth

When I hear the name Amazon, a very different picture comes to mind. Unlike most, I don’t imagine the big glossy office or its logo. I remember the image of a man sitting in plain clothes in front of a computer inside a simple office space. Beside him was a signboard on the shabby wall that read “”.This picture of Jeff Bezos, taken in 1996, was something that always stuck with me. Even now, when he stands in those expensive suits in front of the gigantic Amazon building, his smile always gets my attention. The smile hasn’t changed, saying,” I have done it! I had a vision, and I have made it come true!”

What Bezos has finally achieved remains unattainable forever for millions of budding entrepreneurs and marketers. Many people dream of creating a company like Amazon but fail as they lack the most crucial thing-insight that Bezos had from the very inception. He had one goal and one goal only-to make Amazon the most customer-centric e-commerce company on this planet. With this goal in mind, he set out on his dream voyage.

So, today let us hear the story about Amazon’s Journey that comes with many teachable moments.


It all started with books! Everything changed for Jeff Bezos when he left his job as an investment banker in 1994 and moved to Seattle. Packed with the intense knowledge of computer science and investment and internet marketing, the timing for Bezos was just right. He founded his own company soon and targeted the e-commerce sector. This thought in itself was a game-changer. Bezos knew that in the upcoming years, the usage and need for the internet were going to be enormous, and this was precisely what he was looking for.

The first product that Bezos started to sell was one of the oldest and most relevant commodities ever – books. This was another intelligent yet unpredictable move. Bezos had to ensure his online bookstore was far more efficient to win over the physical shops. He started to make the book collection attractive. The first step was to get all sorts of books under one roof. Secondly, Amazon also began to focus on collecting books that are not easily found, books that are rare and no longer available in print. Quickly it began to grow and became the most extensive online bookstore.

The easy-to-use mechanism, user-friendly interface, quick delivery, well-maintained packaging and competitive price created the perfect ‘Eureka!’ moment for millions of readers. To enhance customer engagement, Amazon made the review and feedback section, which opened the scope for the buyers to share their experiences directly with the sellers and the company itself.

But Bezos knew it was not enough for the vision to be true. To get more customer engagement and awareness, they included features like doorstep delivery and one-click orders. This idea would change Amazon’s growth exponentially and permanently.