Email Marketing Strategies In 2022 That You Need To Know

In the last five years, we have witnessed the rise of many new platforms, but few have been able to beat the good old email in producing quality results. Even today, email has held its importance as an integral part of online marketing strategy. It's a fact that we feel happy to see a mail in our inbox informing us about discounts on a particular shopping website. Hence, no company cannot possibly ignore the power of emails when planning their marketing strategy. If you haven’t put much thought into it, it’s high time to create an all-inclusive email marketing strategy for your business products and services.

Email marketing is an online marketing channel that allows you to reach your potential customers directly via email. There are different types of email marketing campaigns that can be implemented to help a company achieve its business goals.

Why should you use Email Marketing?

Many amongst you may think why email marketing instead of social media marketing because people spend more time on social media platforms. Even though SMM offers businesses effective targeting, an email marketing campaign achieves a lot of things at once.

Given below are some of the reasons why email marketing is an essential part of an overall marketing strategy.

● It brings the highest return on investment (ROI)

● It is direct as well as personal

● It meets the marketing principles

● It can be measured

● It ties into sales, lead generation and customer retention

It Brings the HIGHEST Return On Investment (ROI)

According to OptinMonster, the average email marketing return on investment is nearly around 4,400, generating $44 for every dollar spent. Besides, it has been found that email marketing campaigns are six times more effective in ensuring quality return on investment compared to tweets.

It is Direct & Personal

One of the biggest advantages of email marketing templates is they increase awareness, engage with existing customers irrespective of the stage they are in the sales funnel. Simultaneously, you can deliver the message directly into their comfortable space.

It Meets the Marketing Principles

Email marketing allows you to send your potential audience newsletters, promotions, discounts, and the like. The plus point in this marketing channel is it takes your business idea to the inbox of your prospects because they allow it.

It Can Be Measured

According to Mailchimp, the average email open rate across all industries is 2.23 percent. This data coupled with others like click-through rate (CTR) as well as email marketing conversion rate can be accessed in analytics built in email marketing automation tools.

It ties into Sales, Lead Generation and Customer Retention

A fundamental reason that makes email marketing significant is it complements other marketing channels. It allows nurturing and retaining customers besides converting potential leads driven by SEO and SMM to your website.

Top Tips To Build an Email Campaign Marketing List

Before designing an email marketing template, it is essential to build a list of email subscribers who will receive direct communication from your business. Given below are the key steps to gather email addresses for your campaign.

● Optimize Your Important Pages

● Develop Compelling Lead Magnets

● Create a Form That Converts

Optimize Your Important Pages

One of the most important tasks is to make the best out of your home page and about us page. This should be the first task of your website development team. Create a sign-up box with an effective Call-To-Action at the end of the fold to avoid interrupting the flow of every page.

Once done, provide a link for visitors to click that will lead them to a pop-up form to fill out.

Develop Compelling Lead Magnets

When you aim to build trust amongst your leads in the awareness phase, commence by offering a lead magnet that they won't be able to ignore. It should be like an incentive that can range from services and discounts to pieces of online content.

Email marketing lead magnets add value to your potential customers by solving their problems and setting the situation to ensure email marketing conversion. Sound mail marketing lead magnets can convince them to subscribe and look forward to your emails. Popular examples of lead magnets include:

● Comprehensive training videos

● Discount codes

● eBook

● Case studies

● Free software/software trial

● PDF checklist

● White paper

Create a Form That Converts

Find out the best number of places to achieve quality conversion results. After the prospects have filled out the form, they should be guided to the email marketing landing page which must be nice and engaging.

The Ideal Ways to Implement an Automated Email Marketing Strategy

Once you have built an email list, the next step is to take your email marketing strategy forward. Here, we will talk about the techniques and trends that you can include in your email marketing strategy.

● Identifying the Right Drip Marketing Sequence

● Segmenting targets

● Producing engaging content

● Implement email marketing trends

● Refine Sending Frequency

Identifying the Right Drip Marketing Sequence

Many among us have come across drip marketing without understanding what it entails. Drip marketing or email marketing automation is referred to as the kind of email marketing service which defines a series of automated emails sent based on the actions of a customer or prospect.

Actions such as signing up for a newsletter sends triggers to start the distribution of emails to further guide the prospect to the end of purchasing funnel. If you follow the newsletter example, make sure to send a Thank You or a Welcome email, once a prospect signs up along with a lead magnet to nudge the lead into a conversion. In case your data says they have opened the email and downloaded the lead magnet, one should send a summary or content link about how they can apply for the information given in the lead magnet.

Segmenting Targets

A significant factor, related to the above point, for improving the open rate of email marketing campaigns is email list segmentation. When you are in the B2B industry, you may have to categorize your list depending on company position, size and open last email rate data. B2C can use location, age, gender coupled with other user-related behaviours.

Producing Engaging Content

The copy for your email marketing campaign along with the email marketing landing page must appear and sound unique from a blog post or social media caption. It should be noted that it aligns with the email marketing template that is being utilised. At the same time, it is always wise to tailor the content based on individual target segments.

Apply Email Marketing Trends

It is wise to not ignore email marketing trends as a campaign is ineffective without them. It helps in increasing the value of your email, plus help in achieving sales goals easily. Of course, a hodgepodge trend shouldn’t be taken seriously. One should exploit those which match their approach.

Given below are some email marketing trend examples:

● Bright colours

● Hyper-personalization

● Mobile optimization

● Animation

● Brand storytelling

● Reviews and testimonials

● Text-only email

Refine Sending Frequency

Being aware of the ideal modulation of your drip marketing is the way to boost email open rate or email marketing ROI. This is one of the significant factors that an experienced email marketing company would never overlook, particularly when you need to comply with regulations such as the CAN-SPAM Act during the distribution of commercial emails.

When you are talking about the best digital marketing strategies, it's impossible to leave out email marketing without question. However, it doesn't mean that it's easy, which is why we've highlighted and discussed the different essential parts that make a sound email marketing strategy. By following these points, you will experience improved results and achieve your marketing objectives smoothly.

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