How to choose the best social media channels for your business?

Do you despise the fact that it is so confusing and time taking to get the attention of your target audience? Are you wondering whether you should take advantage of every new social media channel that pops up every month? Yes, it can be tempting to stay active on every social media channel, thinking that it may increase traffic to your website or build brand awareness. Are you sure that it’s the best course of action?

According to social media experts, it's wise to strategically choose the ideal social media channels for your brand. It needs to be understood that the process of selecting the right social media channels helps in determining the right one for your brand. Even though all business models are not alike, you need to consider several factors before clicking on the create account button.

Have you asked yourself whether your business needs a social media channel?

You might be nodding your head, but the real answer is a bit more complicated. In reality, the significance of whether a business needs a social media channel depends on a variety of factors including your business goals, KPIs and, others. The point is if you want to widen the exposure or interaction with new and old customers, it would be wise to consider at least one social channel.

It goes without saying that most consumers like using social media for sharing their experience with a product or service. Besides, marketers utilise social media platforms to gather data in various ways. Moreover, 90% of the markets say that using social media helps increase brand awareness, generate sales leads as well as keep tabs on the competitors.

What are your goals?

Certainly, every platform offers different benefits. Often goals of social media channels align with business goals. Hence, when you are setting your social media goals, some platforms stick out as the ideal ones to achieve those objectives.

Top goals for social media marketers are:

  • Increase brand awareness

  • Generate leads

  • Increase community engagement

After you have determined your goals, it will help you to choose your channel wisely.

Assess the resources available to you

Needless to say, social media requires time and effort. However, in the middle of creating and scheduling posts, various strategies should be considered and new updates to keep up with.

Assessing resources means finding out:

  • Do you have a social media team? If there is no team then who will take the responsibility or will be managing your social media channels?

  • Do you have people to manage all the social media channels you want your business to be on?

  • Do you have enough time to dedicate to every channel?

Resources are also based on the budget you are willing to invest which includes the software you use to post and evaluate. Also, there are several online marketing tools, but the question is whether you will include them in your resource list.

What content types do you have?

A lot of companies have their established media library, which is truly great. In reality, you have got the visual content to reprocess into social media content. Simultaneously, you may have blog posts that are already written, which means you have additional content that you can use on social media.

If you make an overall assessment of the existing content, you would be able to create more content for your social media marketing. Nonetheless, it is also important to consider who will be creating the new content? Will you outsource the videos? Will the person managing the social media channels be the photographer?

Mainly, there are five types of social media content: images, videos, text, live video, and stories. It needs to be understood that the content created and curated by a brand will influence its choice of a social media channel to interact with the target audience.

If you can upload lots of video content then YouTube, Facebook, Instagram should be at the top of your list. Simultaneously, you might feel tempted to use other platforms, but if you cannot create the content which the users of a certain platform want to see, then that is not the right channel for you.

Moreover, being realistic when curating and creating content is for your good. Also, when you are starting on a new network, ensure that you have the ideal type and amount of content to post consistently from your profile.

Do you know where your audience is?

It can be possible that you may not be present on social media, but your target audience is active on the internet. At the same time, it could be that you are active on a certain social platform, while your audience is more active on another social media channel. Hence, it is very significant to know where your audience is at the current time. Also, know their likes, what they are clicking on so that you can use that information for establishing a strong presence on the internet.