Top proven ways to boost your social media conversion rate

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Did you know that social consumers have more buying power than ever before? Based on the latest social media statistics, Facebook and Instagram have become the most trusted channels when it comes to people searching for information or purchasing products online. Furthermore, folks have become accustomed to the idea of social commerce, which is a green signal for budding businesses and big brands at the same time.

However, that does not signify social sales are a foregone conclusion. In actuality, merging social strategy with business objectives is one of the toughest challenges that marketers have to face in contemporary times.

Therefore, if you are not able to get a good return on investment or increase the number of customers from social platforms, you need to reassess your social conversion strategy.

This guide focuses on the particular tactics and tools required to bolster your social media conversion rate. The following points are aimed at helping to create more social customers irrespective of the stage they’re presently at within your marketing funnel.

Ensure your landing pages are smooth and mobile-friendly

It goes without saying that mobile e-commerce is growing at a fast pace. In which case, the requirement for brands to get the attention of customers on the go is a cakewalk. The brand should have the ability to impress buyers as well as create a seamless experience for the visitor. Remember how easy it is to navigate Instagram photos and videos with just swiping to move on to the next content and tapping to like it. The social pages should have the same aspect which is easy navigation without much interruption.

Furthermore, social landing pages shouldn't be hidden from your target audience. They should be simple and when you click on the landing page URL given in the social profile, the landing page should optimize with their social media optimization conversion rate in mind. Irrespective of the social platform where you are promoting offers, it is essential to have a mobile-friendly landing page all the time. It allows the chance to attract mobile consumers as well as observe the behavior of social shoppers at the same time.

If you are not sure whether your landing pages are up to the mark, you can check it by testing it on Google to know the status of your landing page.

In addition, one should consistently split test the social media landing pages and optimize them with time to improve their social media conversion strategy. There are tools like Optimizely that offer to test elements like copy, imagery, and link which helps in maximizing conversions.

Get the target audience attention on your promotions through

product-related videos that have high importance when it comes to improving social media conversion rates. It needs to be understood that for increasing the time spent and conversions on any page, video-centric posts and ads contribute heavily to the goal. The advantage of videos is that they not only show off your products in action but also get the attention of your social customers. Needless to say, social ads that are based on video always perform better than other types of content.

It is very much evident in Instagram where story ads are driving the sales of products for many brands. Also, it needs to be remembered that video ads are not required to be huge budget productions. The main goal is to get them to stop scrolling out of curiosity so that it leads to a conversion in the end. Well, video is the perfect way to achieve that.

Irrespective of creative product displays or mini-commercials, integrating video into your social media conversion strategy is essential. On the other hand, if you’re hiring a social media marketing service, make sure to ask the marketing manager whether a video is being used in your social marketing strategy or not.

Add compelling calls to action

One of the tricks to boost social media conversion rates involves making small tweaks to captions and profiles. Asking followers to explore the latest promotions is nothing wrong, even though you are tactful about it. Since you cannot shout out “Buy Our Stuff” and expect results, it is wise to subtly encourage engagement through an attractive call-to-action.

Besides, being bold about promoting your products is always recommended but there should be a personality in every promotion so that they sound like a human rather than a bot. Currently, there is a word in the social media community that Instagram is penalizing posts using the text "link in bio". The moral of the story is that a brand should experiment with different cautions and calls to action like "Tag a friend" and other types of messages to your followers.

Split test social posts

Similar to any other marketing metric, analyzing your social media conversion rate means checking out the data. Hence, if you are aware of the content types that get the maximum clicks, traffic, and engagement to your website, you need to adjust the content strategy to match the social media conversion strategy.

It is also true that no brand does it right from the first day because improving social media conversion is easier said than done. It involves the consistent game of analyzing and optimizing for creating a better strategy for the next time. Also, regularly checking your analytics, one can split test the organic campaigns to find out which posts are perfect for engagement.

When you are thinking about running a paid campaign, Instagram and Facebook offer you to split test your ads. In other words, you can run two versions of the same promo and find out the winner depending on performance.

Consistent branding

Although it's a subtle tip, all the more reason for mentioning because of improving conversions. Since prospects and leads move through the marketing funnel, there should be no second-guessing where they come from.

Simultaneously, creative tones like imagery and color schemes should be consistent as your prospects approach the point of purchase.

Allow user-generated content acts as social proof to shoppers

Customer photos are nothing less than pure gold when it comes to getting the attention of a prospect or conversions. It acts as excellent social proof as well as a great sense of authenticity for customers to trust a brand before making any purchase. User-generated content must be the foundation of your marketing strategy for social media conversions.

Furthermore, augmenting your social media conversion rate is not about keeping those creatives confined to social media, you should also feature satisfied customers on-site to motivate more prospects to buy your products and services.

Nevertheless, you can use our Instagram presence to convert prospects through your email list.

Stay on top of buying trends via a social listing

Needless to say, the customer base or industry is always changing.

Like as mentioned before, it is always significant to experiment and evolve to score customers. Simply put, your brand's social media marketing strategy is required to keep up with the different social trends that affect the needs and wants of the customers.

Enjoy seamless conversions by directly selling on social platforms

A great advantage of social commerce is they allow customers to directly check out via social media posts that saves time for both marketers to drive conversion and shoppers to buy a product. Customers find it appealing when marketers highlight products directly as well as ensure a quick purchase process which increases the chance of conversions to a great degree. Not doing this may lead the customers to abandon their cart or keep scrolling on their social feed.

Keep track of social analytics and conversions

Finally, you need to assess your social media conversion rate if you are not keeping track of conversions.

One of the many ways to do this is to watch your social traffic in Google Analytics and set social conversion goals to achieve a better social media ROI. At the same time, URL tracking helps you to generate links that help in tracking the conversion rates of particular campaigns once they are rolled out. Marketers are required to tie goals and outcomes to campaigns along with analytics and reporting to know what is converting and what is not.

Bottom line

So, there you have it. Social sales do not happen by accident. You need to have a social media conversion strategy for generating customers from social channels. The tips given above are meant to create a sound social conversion strategy that ensures good ROI. Last but not the least, if you find this guide helpful, make sure to share it with your friends and followers on various social media platforms.

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