Top Ways to Improve Your Social Media Engagements

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Are you failing to engage with your target audience even though you’re posting quality content? It’s a common problem that many brands face because they don’t know what else to do except implementing those archaic strategies that do not generate any good outcomes. Since feed algorithms are tweaked frequently, and sometimes without notice, it can be a tough job to maneuver them for your brand's interest.

Social media engagement can always be improved as well as it needs to be understood that there is no maximum engagement level that a brand can reach. It's important to understand that the more engaged your audience is, the easier it will be to achieve your social media objectives.

What is social media engagement?

Social media engagement is a hypernym term that includes a lot of metrics. Also, it's a fact that the top social media networks already have a few elements of engagement listed for free in their built-in analytics. The target should be to know what engagement is in a wider scenario and the way to assess it at the micro-level.

When it comes to Facebook, engagement often signifies all possible manners of interacting with a Page's post, and messages, profile, and mentions as a whole. When you are checking the engagement numbers between months or years, adopting a bird' eye view is considered ideal for recognizing a trend. However, you would want additional metrics when you seek in-depth knowledge of the places you can improve.

Again, in Facebook, engagement can be categorized into various areas:

1. Interaction with Page: Profile clicks, call-to-action button clicks, and any tab clicks.

2. Interaction with posts: comments, likes, shares.

3. Interaction on direct messaging: messaging a Page or reacting to a message.

4. Interaction with other pages: mentions of the page as well as comments on other pages' posts.

Nonetheless, these are not a comprehensive list of engagement that can take place on Facebook, but it offers an idea regarding where to begin to narrow down your goals. Also, help in identifying why you should get proper social media marketing services to help get better than the present.

Assess the current engagement

The first step to boost your engagement is evaluating it. Like as told above, engagement analytics are provided in most major platforms. In engagement analytics tools, if you see post engagement decreasing every week, it means the posts are required to be tweaked to suit your audience. Simultaneously, when a post has a substantial engagement rate over others, it needs to be checked to identify what made it stand out amongst others. It's the perfect way to determine the kind of content to focus on when you want to improve engagement.

Choose goals and define metrics

It is very important to have clear engagement objectives so that it becomes easy to streamline the content efforts seamlessly. Moreover, when seeking more engagement, one needs to concentrate on creating interesting content. The metrics tied to these contents should be posted engagement-based, like the number of people who interacted with the posts and the kind of engagement they were a part of.

Know the elements of an engaging post

It goes without saying that all networks have their individual preference in terms of engaging posts, but they're always similarities that marketers can use to their advantage. It has been found that the type of content which the target audience want to see are:

  1. 68% images

  2. 50% video

  3. 30% text-based

  4. 26% stories

  5. 22% live video

  6. 26% polls

  7. 17% GIFs

  8. 16% URLs/links to brand content

  9. 11% Q&As or AMAs

  10. 10% UGC

Execute strategy ideas

The final step in finding out your engagement plan is to implement the strategy ideas. If you’re asking, what ideas? It’s a great question because that leads to the following section about ideas for engaging social media posts.

Ideas inspired by brand for engaging social media posts

There are a lot of ways by which you can create intriguing social media posts for your audience. Moreover, there are both short and long-term strategies. Consolidating both these strategies helps in keeping your account in the best shape.

Giveaway with other companies

If you want fast engagement of your audience with your business account, start by hosting a giveaway with other companies. As you would expect there are hardly any people who don't love free things and when you use this approach to increase engagement, there are high chances you will achieve your goals within a short time.