What are The Best e-Commerce Marketing Strategies and Tactics to Increase Sales?

Ecommerce marketing is defined as the process of utilizing a campaign to expand the customer base and motivate returning customers. Ecommerce strategies can be applied to any business irrespective of their size and seamlessly execute ideas with the right tools.

Given below are the top tips to improve your eCommerce marketing.

Enhance your email campaigns

Email marketing campaigns are the ideal way to initiate direct contact between your company and clientele. Personalized emails offer a more effective personal reach compared to social media.

There are different strategies for email marketing campaigns that can provide amazing results.

  • Welcome emails

Welcome your new subscribers with a beautiful message stating the advantages of subscribing to your emails.

  • Thank you emails

Most customers tend to check their inbox expecting an email after making a purchase. It's the perfect opportunity to promote new offers.

  • Newsletter emails

You can add a personalized touch with updates on the business and new offers to increase traffic to your website.

  • Promotional emails and gifts

Help your customers by offering options about what they could be purchasing and boost the buyer’s journey by offering discounts or gifts.

  • Birthday emails

A great advantage of personally reaching out to individual customers on their birthday with gifts and discounts is they become loyal to your business services and products.

  • Shopping cart drop-out emails

Let your customers know what they could have besides providing information on relevant products and services.

Ensure an easy checkout process

It's nothing new that a big percentage of shopping carts are abandoned before the sale. Hence, the best you can do is make the check-out journey as engaging as possible. Given below are some of the pitfalls to keep at bay.

  • Forcing to create accounts

Providing repeated notification to your target audience for signing up to make purchases can push away many potential customers from your site. However, allowing direct purchases can lead to the desired outcome.

  • Absence of progress bar

Offering a progress bar allows the customer to know how far they are to complete a purchase. Showing them how many steps are left to buy a product gives them confidence and speeds up the buyer’s journey in most cases.

  • Absence of payment options

The standard theory is to offer more than four or even more payment options because it provides flexibility to the customer who is about to make a payment. A lot of people do not like the idea of putting debit/credit card details on store sites, so consider including more payment options to ensure 100% conversion.

Make your website mobile-friendly

Today, most eCommerce transactions happen through smartphones, and the percentage of people using phones to make purchases is increasing at a fast rate. If you are aware of this fact, your eCommerce strategy should be based on it to enjoy more conversions. The last thing you would want is a potential customer turning away from your website because it is not mobile-friendly.

The fundamental reason for making a website mobile-friendly is ensuring that your target audience can access your site from any device seamlessly. Moreover, the Google algorithm favors those websites which are mobile-friendly in nature allowing them to rank in search engine results. Also, make sure that you’re testing your site on all makes and models of cell phones and browsers available. Testing on all models and browsers is indeed near to impossible. This is when 3rd party tools come in handy. You can also take the help of a digital marketing service so that it becomes easier for you to achieve your eCommerce marketing goals.

Shop socially

At present, customers turn to online shops for their needs and wants. However, there is another thing that your target audience is doing that is surfing social media platforms. Moreover, Instagram and Facebook have shopping features that you can take advantage of for increasing sales and reaching out to more potential customers who are unaware of your products and services.

A great advantage of this platform is you can tag products besides upload photos and videos with your tagged product, offering the viewer a more simplistic yet engaging shopping experience.

Share user content

Posting user-generated content is an excellent way to earn the trust of your target audience and motivate prospects to buy your products and services. It's more of a budget-conscious form of marketing, but it does the job when it comes to creating content that your audience would like to see along with building brand awareness.

Furthermore, the potential audience tends to trust brands more when they publish user-generated content which increases sales to a great extent. The best way is to share the creative talents of your customers on your Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platform profiles.

Create a blog

Another effective way to increase your online dominance is through quality blog posting. Even though all blogs are not alike, sharing blogs on informative subjects that your customers would like to read is a great way to enhance your online presence.

Utilizing different media in your blog posts by breaking up text with videos, running webinars as well as posting how-to-guides about your product helps a lot in achieving your brand awareness goals.

Invest in Micro-influencers

Even though influencer marketing is a costly endeavor, micro-influencers are generally attainable on a small budget. Social media users who have 10-30k followers are good as a start for small businesses promoting their products and services.

Also, micro-influencers are usually happy to promote your products because it's effortless for income or enjoys free or discounted services of products and services. Furthermore, this kind of promotion appears more home-based than a refined corporate advertisement.

Besides, micro-influencers who are already posting content that aligns with the subject of your products and services are a boon for small businesses wanting to promote their products.

PPC marketing campaign

Pay-Per-Click or PPC advertising is present on several platforms, yet they are the most common area in search engines. PPC ads are shown at the top of SERP when you search with a particular keyword or key phrase. The process works like, when someone clicks on your ad, you pay a fee. The amount of the charge depends on your marketing strategy and the amount you agree to pay via Google Ads. However, it can also be decreased according to Google’s algorithm.

This is one of the ideal ways to drive traffic to your website without going through much hassle. Also, one can take advantage of 3rd party websites to help you manage your PPC campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ makes navigating your website easier. Nonetheless, it helps a potential customer know about your services and products easily. It's a page dedicated to answering the common queries that you may have before purchasing a product or service.

It’s true that many websites already have their FAQ page, but it can also be used as a marketing tool. Often marketers use SEO data, keywords, and internal links to make your FAQ page from just being helpful to customers to an effective marketing tool that will drive traffic and increase your sales.

Target Repeat Customers

One of the great advantages of reaching out to repeat customers is they already know about your business. You won’t have to work hard in reintroducing your brand to the customer. However, there is no guarantee that they will automatically decide to shop from your business. Hence, you need to have strategies to make them keep coming back. The best way to get the attention of returning customers is to send them personalized emails, as talked about before. Also, you can notify them about discounts and offers in your products and services and encourage them for further purchasing.

In addition, providing rewards and loyalty programs leads to an increase in traffic to your website. Even free samples and gifts are considered a great way to retain returning customers.

Wrap up

So, there you have it. When these strategies are applied faithfully, your eCommerce is bound to improve over time. Also, make use of the required 3rd party tools so that you can work smart and not harder to achieve your marketing goals. Finally, if you like this post, make sure to share it with your friends and followers in various forums and social platforms.

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